December 2017

Hi Shedders,

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all. We hope that all who attended
the Christmas party enjoyed themselves. All of our members can be proud of
themselves on the achievements for the last 6 months, many projects
completed and many happy customers who support our shed. To all that cannot
always get to the shed we miss your company, to those who are unwell we
wish you a speedy recovery.

To our members who do the fund raising, many thanks for your time, it is
greatly appreciated. Without the teams and the effort put in we would not be
where we are to-day. Wamuran community support has enabled us to assist many
in our area, for that we say thank you.

We will now take a short break over the Christmas new year and return in
January 9th 2018 hopefully refreshed for our 6 months.

Always work safely and keep an eye on your mates.


Neville Parsons BEM