December 2017

Hi Sheders,

As we draw to the end of another year, you can be proud of the efforts of
all your achievements at your shed. The amount of time and
work on many projects completed. The community of Wamuran should be proud of
our shed and what it stands for.

The assistance we have given to the WHVC in the past year has been thanked
by the ladies and appreciated by all who use the old school. Assistance has
been given to the Wamuran Community hall as well. To those who always help
with fund raising we take our hats off to you, without these guy’s your shed
would not be in the position that it is to-day.

Membership is good, but there is room for more, any man who is interested in
joining us ring Evan Jones on 5496 6729 or Nev Parsons on 5496 6693 come on
in have a look around, Tuesdays or Wednesday 8.00am til 12 noon. The shed
will be closed from December 22nd 2017 until January 9th 2018 for our
Christmas break.

We are always looking for used tools left over timber and hardware to turn into
usable gear, if you can help please phone 5496 6729 and we will pick it up.
To our older members now in their 80’s and 90’s, thanks for your assistance,
to our members please keep safe and have a good Christmas with your family
and friends.

Remember to always work safe and keep an eye on your mates.

WADMS Secretary

Neville Parsons BEM