Starting of the shed in Wamuran

Our local doctor David Easton having dealt with a lot of male patients with men’s problems, retirees , widowed not being able to express themselves, lonely needed some where to revive their sense of being unable to assimilate with the day to day things having to be done, losing daily contact with their work mates, losing their partner, needing to be around other men, to talk, have a laugh do something for the community, do something for themselves, start living again, the answer a men’s shed.

A steering committee was formed and the first meeting was set up in November 2011 to find out how many men would be interested, by December 2011 the shed was up and running, a working committee was put together and we were in to it. We had no shed at that stage, however one of the members offered the use of his shed until we had one of our own. Over the next few months plans were put together and a application was put forward to council, after some months a DA was granted and we were off to find a builder. We chose a local to complete the project to lockup stage, the members finished the internal fit out including Plumbing and Electrical, and what you see is the end result of two and half year of hard work.

We have had some generous donators over the years but the most of our funds came from our sausage sizzle workers, without these fellows it would still be a dream. You will notice on the roof of our new shed Solar Power and Solar hot water system, this was paid for from the Jupiter’s Casino out of the office of The Justice Department Queensland this was gratefully accepted, it has dramatically helped to reduce our power bill. To date the shed is operating two days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.00am until 1.30pm., all gents are welcome to come and take a look, walk around and meet the other members, have a cuppa.