10th August 2017

Hi Shedders,

Our AGM is over and the new committee has been selected. Hopefully with a
few new faces some good ideas will come forward and be adopted to improve
our shed into the future. Last year was a very good year and saw many
projects completed. We have been able to help many in our local community
over the past twelve months, small things that have assisted older and
younger locals to help them reach their goals.

Our membership has increased and there are more people interested in
joining. Fellowship is in good shape at the shed, plenty of tea and coffee
consumed and many good stories being exchanged. On another note if you have
something to say on the shed, to make it better please speak up and let us
know so that it can be discussed and maybe implemented. Your committee is
always available to listen. Our main aim is to have a safe place for you to
be in and this also requires your assistance as well. Do not use equipment
that you are not signed off on and always consider others around you.

Work safely, keep an eye on your mates


27th June 2017

Hi Shedders,

To-day is the last meeting for this financial year, time to close the books
and get our Audit underway.

This past year has seen a lot of good things done and projects finished, our
members have worked hard and it can be seen by all who work in the shed each

We have had some interesting guest speakers over the past year, and your
committee hopes you have enjoyed them and taken on board some of their

Our AGM will be coming up in August where you will have the opportunity to
nominate members for the next committee to manage your shed. Nominations
will need to be into the secretary two weeks prior to the meeting.

As your current treasurer the financial state of the shed is in good
condition, we have no outstanding accounts. Our need for operating funds
will always be present, however the need for many sausage sizzles has
decreased to 6 – 7 per month, this has taken a great load off the current
members. We must keep in mind the efforts of all who participated in getting
the shed started back in 2011, it was then an idea, look at it now.

Always work safely, keep a close eye on all your mates, and make sure you
are signed off on all the tools that you wish to work with.


9th May 2017 Naval Association Redcliffe sub branch

Hi shedders,

We have been asked if we can place some information on our web site about
the Naval Association (Redcliffe sub section). This is on the back of ANZAC
Day. If you’d like to contact the President of the sub branch please do so
on 0421 125 261 Trevor Klaehn, or the secretary Geoff Omara on
naaredsec@hotmail.com <mailto:naaredsec@hotmail.com> or phone on 0401713139
this is for a membership drive as they are trying to get some younger
members, so if you know of anyone (navy) that might like to meet up with
ship mates get them to ring and come along for a meeting.

Wayne Rye


A Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

A justice of the peace (Qualified)

Will be in attendance at the Wamuran

Men’s Shed .

First and Third Tuesday of each Month

8.00am to 10.00am

This is a free community service

In emergency contact Laurie on 5497 4729

Or check the Justice Dept Web Site for listed

JP..,s in the area.